Cable & Rope Pullers

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The CMI Rope Jack is a Mechanical Advantage tool for pre-tensioning static lines, light lifting and cabling. The Rope Jack is small enough and light enough to be carried aloft by a climber for Mechanical Advantage within the crown. The length of the handle on the Rope Jack limits excessive loading to avoid rope damage.

The MA is approximately 5:1 - no pulleys, no extra rope, minimum weight, minimum friction, quick, easy on-off, works well 'topside', too. The CMI Rope Jack is used to remove slack & stretch for lowering and to lift the tips on light limbs without having to break out the big guns.

To remove a load from the Rope Jack, pull the handle and allow the trailing cam to loosen, then pull handle again and allow the forward cam to loosen. Releasing the Rope Jack will take a little practice. The Rope Jack should be relieved from tension a little bit at a time off each cam.

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Used for pulling and lifting cables.

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Replacement frame for Maasdam Rope Puller.

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Versatile multi-purpose continuous rope puller. Oversize hand guard, forged hooks, 1000 lb. capacity.  Rope not included.  

  • *1 Piece, aluminum alloy ratchet wheel
  • *High strength, electro-plated steel parts
  • *Notch at-a-time letdown
  • *Can accommodate an unlimited length of rope

We recommend using New England 9/16" 3-strand Blue Fleck Rope for use in the rope puller, rather than regular 1/2" 3-stand which has a tendency to slip under pressure and prolonged use. Order SKU #R180135-00

Load Carrying Capacity : 1000 lbs.
Shipping Weight : 7 lbs.



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