Greenteeth is a tooth and pocket system that provides the ability to rotate the tooth itself, providing a fresh cutting edge in a matter of seconds. This being done using only a standard wrench and without having to remove the pocket! Since each tooth can be rotated to a new edge three times, it’s like having three teeth in one! In the same way, any tooth can be easily moved to any pocket position on the wheel, thus allowing even more cutting life from each tooth.

A tough carbide concave  "dish" as a cutting edge is the innovative design that allows Greenteeth the ability to actually “sheer"than "shred". The sheering is a smoother motion that requires less power exertion from the machine and allows faster, more efficient stump cutting. Greenteeth have been designed to work on all standard cutting wheels and can be bolted to any machine which uses standard or heavy-duty teeth and pockets.

No gauging is required to install Greenteeth. The simple design of Greenteeth allows each tooth to fit securely into position in each pocket without any further adjustments. Also see the Quad Wheels, Revers S Wheels, and other upgrade options available.