ArborTie is a staking system for trees which not only does not break down in the elements but promotes stem wood on the side opposite the prevailing wind! Constructed of a high-tenacity synthetic fiber 3/4" wide with a breaking strength of 900 pounds, this flat woven tape fastens easily to any stake or anchoring system with the use of traditional knots or the use of a staple gun if wooden stakes are being used. Twisting wire to tension and the need for rubber hose is eliminated.

With only the wide band of low-abrasion ArborTie touching the tree, girdling is eliminated, which allows the nutrients to travel where needed. ArborTie also allows limited movement of the tree, as nature intended.

Available in 25' & 50' packs, and 250', 500' or 3000' (special order) rolls. ArborTie is reuseable. Also available in white which is a special order. Allow two weeks  for special orders.


Price: $35.10 - $39.00


Price: $395.00


Price: $75.00


Price: $4.75


Price: $8.50