Spring Husqvarna Days Specials active from 3/1-4/31

Automower® Trade In Rebates

  • When end-users trade in a walk mower or tractor and purchase a qualifying Husqvarna Automower® they will receive an instant rebate up to $200

Zero-Turn Bonus Suspension Seat

  • When end-users purchase a qualifying Z560 zero-turn mower they qualify to receive a suspension seat upgrade at no cost

Handheld Rebates

  • 129L - Bonus Classic Work Gloves
  • 322L - $25 Mail In Rebate
  • 525LS - $30 Mail In Rebate
  • 580BTS II - $50 Mail In Rebate

Pro Saw Trade In: 

When: March 16th thru May 31st 

How:   Instant Rebate at Time of Purchase

 **Saw does not have to be brought in, but a picture will need to be submitted**


 Pro Saw Qualified Models:

  Model                       Rebate

 T535iXP      $100
 543XP    $100
 550XP MK II   $100
 562XP   $100
 562XPG $100
 540XP $100
 572XP $150
 572XPG     $150



Single Unit Fleet









Single Unit Fleet



When: March 6th thru May 1st



How: Individual Item Qualifies as 10pts on Fleet Program








Qualified Models















** Serial Number 2018 or Older






Customer's Purchase qualifies them for 20% Discount and 2yr Continued Disc