Throw Line Launchers

SKU# R180119-00

The Big Shot provides a launching mechanism to reach higher or more diffcullt line anchoring points with your throw weight and line. 

Mount on either  an 8 foot fiberglass foot pole or (2) four foot fiberglass poles that are sold separately.

Approximate maximum distance a line thrown from the Big Shot can reach is 150'.

Shipping Weight : 2 lbs.


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Price: $80.85

SKU# R180119-002

Combo includes Big Shot head and two 4 ft. fiberglass poles (1 extension pole and 1 base pole with end cap).

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Price: $120.00

SKU# R180119-000

Replacement rubber bands for the Big Shot head.

Shipping Weight : 0.50 lbs.

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Price: $37.95

SKU# R180119-003

The new Tru Shot head was designed and specified by Jameson to ensure compatibility with our popular FG Series fiberglass poles. This launching system works as an over-sized sling shot that allows you to accurately hit vertical targets with narrow approach.

Applications include securing climbing or rigging ropes over tree branches and securing fall protection equipment over elevated structures during construction, roofing or satellite installation.


• Reliable long-lasting performance for professional arborists in the commercial tree care market
• Launches throw bags up to 150 ft. through thick canopies
• For proper safety and effectiveness, use both poles with the base pole positioned against the ground
• Kit includes one 4 ft. FG series fiberglass base pole, one 4 ft. FG series fiberglass extension pole and 1 TRU SHOT head

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Price: $120.00