Fall Protection

SKU# S190195-15

Made of 6 foot webbing, this lanyard will slow the faller and absorb the force of the fall unlike a standard rope lanyard. It is designed to work with full body harnesses and must be taken out of service once a fall has been taken.

Shipping Weight : 2 lbs
Size : 6 ft.

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SKU# S190195-92

D-ring at one end, snap hook on the other. 18 in. long. Use on bucket truck harness when an extension is needed.

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SKU# S190195-91


Web lanyard that uses a controlled tearing action when subjected to fall arrest forces. Single leg, with snap hooks on either end. 6 feet long. For use with Delta Bucket Truck Harness.

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SKU# S190195-90


Bungee lanyard from DBI Sala designed to expand and contract in reaction to a worker's movements. Single leg, with snap hooks at each end. 6 feet long.

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SKU# S190270-00

This French Creek Bucket Truck Harness meets applicable OSHA standards for tree surgeons, construction and building maintenance work and is classified as a suspension belt, ANSI Class IV.

Support members are of nylon with more than required strength characteristics. Support hardware is forged. One size fits most (M-XL). 

6 ft. shock absorbing lanyard included.

Shipping Weight: 4.5 lbs.

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SKU# S190271-03


The most comfortable harness in the industry. Single piece of material wraps around you into the shape of an X.

Comfortable without the risk of tangling. Includes removable padding. Extremely durable. Size medium.

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SKU# S190271-06

Fully equipped fall arrest harness for working in fall hazard areas. The fall indicators in the back padding and in the carrying straps indicate whether forces above 6 kN impacted the harness. The Flex Lite has two textile loops on the chest (sternal) and one on the back (dorsal). In addition it has removable leg padding.


• Fall indicator in the back padding; a red label becomes visible in the window in the back plate following a load of over 6 k-N(134 lbs)
• All load-bearing straps are equipped with indicator tape; red fibers become visible in the event of damage
• Shoulder padding with RFID pocket, labeling field and attachment option for the wireless device
• Easy Glider buckle on the shoulder straps for easy adjustment, detachable strap keeper for cleanly stowing away the straps
• Detachable leg padding
• 3D mesh with a closed surface structure prevents the adhesion of dirt and chippings and enables good air circulation
• Triple Lock buckles on the legs and hips for extra safety
• Textile fall arrest eyelets 2x type A/2 sternal and 1x A dorsal according to EN 361; remain open under preload and allow carabiner to be easily attached

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SKU# S190272-00

Full body harness with grommet/tongue buckle leg straps, 6" back pad, & removable leather lined tool belt.  Features 6 points of adjustment,: fully adjustable comfort waist pad assembly with Super-Nit moisture management system, adjustable shoulder, leg, waist and chest straps.

Includes EZ slide back D-ring (keeps fallen worker vertical in suspension), and super strong synthetic webbing.  One size fits most (M-L).

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.

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SKU# S190273-00

Vest style harness from DBI Sala with back D-ring, and tongue buckle leg straps. Universal size fits all. EZ-Stop II Safety Lanyard (S190195-91) sold separately.

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