Sku : S199015-00

Birchmeier Iris 15K Backpack Sprayer



This is the new AT3 style backpack. The handle is now reversible -this Birchmeier Backpack can be configured to pump with left or right hand. The professional 4-gallon (15L) backpack sprayer allows for easy and comfortable spraying jobs including lawns, decks, greenhouses, patios and more. Designed to last and ensure safety, the Birchmeier Iris 15 AT3 Sprayer sets the standards for the professional industry and comes with unique features to perform a variety of spray jobs.  A 20-inch brass wand & adjustable spray tip. Pressure level of up to 87 psi

Special features of the BIRCHMEIER backpack sprayers include: 

  • The pump mechanism is situated outside the tank so it does not come into contact with the corrosive liquid for any length of time.
  • The machine is well balanced and fits comfortably on the operator's back.
  • The tank is made of corrosion-resistant hard polyethylene, incorporating a UV light inhibitor, mounted in a solid metal base of stainless steel. Special attention is given to wall thickness and strength.
  • It has a large opening with a tight-fitting bayonet lid with filter.
  • The diameter of the piston is approximately 1 1/2 inches (37mm), giving very good pump capacity. The rubber seal of the piston can be adjusted.

    Maximum Pressure :  87 psi
    Shipping Weight :  11.5 lbs.
    Tank Capacity :  4 gallon
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