Sku : S197096-01

SawHaul Kit for Bucket Truck



Complete, non-conductive (no metal) kit for mounting the SawHaul to fiberglass buckets with the saw on the INSIDE of the bucket. This reduces the dangers of snagging your saw on limbs, guidewires, powerlines, etc. Using a combination of kinetic and potential energy, the Bucket Truck attachment allows a solid and secure way to mount your saw with top edge thickness up to 3" wide.

It includes the SawHaul, Pro-Grade Scabbard, and the Bucket Adapter Plate. It lets you carry your saw without taking up any bucket space! A must-have for any tree-trimmer, arborist, line clearance company, or landscaping enthusiast! Scabbard Specs: 3/4" inside gap, and 5" wide. Top cap features a new 1/4" thickness and tool holder for scrench and file.

SawHaul Kit for Chippers and Trucks also available-S197096-00.

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