Sku : S197038-36

Husqvarna 395XP w/ 36'' Bar



A very powerful saw from Husqvarna's latest generation of large professional saws. The 395XP is engineered with the professional logger in mind. Designed for the most demanding conditions a logger may face. The 395XP is unique due to its more rugged handle design, more aggressive clutch, and wider clutch cover for better dispersal of wood chips. 

Engine Specification :    
Cylinder Displacement:   94 cc
Power Output:   7.1 hp
Maximum Power Speed:   8,700 rpm
Fuel Tank Volume:   30.43 oz.
Fuel Consumption :   470 g/kWh
Idling Speed :   2500 rpm  
Spark Plug:   NGK CMR7A  
Electrode Gap:   0.02
Maximum Torque:   5.9 8Nm/6900 rpm   
Oil Tank Volume:   1.1 US pint
Oil Pump Type:   Automatic
Cutting Equipment:    
Chain Pitch:   3/8
Chain Guage:   0.58
Bar Length:   18"-36"
Chain Speed-Max. Power:   64.3 fts
Chain Speed @ 133% of  Max. Engine Speed:   85.63 fts
Overall Dimensions:    
Weight-Power Head Only   17.4 lbs.



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