Sku : S197000-08

Ott Magentic Chainsaw Tool



Never loose a chainsaw tool again. The OTT ultra-thin chain bar magnetic tool , comprises a magnetic precision forged socket that is made in the USA and pivots on a precision machined 6AL/4V Titanium screw that can handle extreme torque, and is extremely strong, light weight and corrosion resistant which greatly extends the life of the pivoting screw and the tool.

This pivoting magnetic socket allows the user to pivot the handle 180 degrees to tighten, and loosen the chain bar nuts all while the socket is magnetically stuck in place. This feature greatly helps the user find the optimal position, or leverage needed at any given time during this process. This tool can also be positioned with the handle in the center of the socket, like a screwdriver which greatly increases the speed.

This chain bar tool allows the user to comfortably and safely use only "One Hand" without the worry of the socket falling off like "traditionally made stamped sheet metal T Bar tools or multi-tools currently on the market. 

Tool has a hole in the handle for attaching a carabiner  and the handle itself is also magnetic and can attach to your toolbox or saw. The hi-viz color combination makes the tool easy to locate.

Shipping Weight
1 lb.
Purple hi-viz
Aluminum/Titanium alloy
OTT Inc.