Sku : S190414-76

TEUFELBERGER pulleySaver- 2.5M



This new version of the fall protection pulleySAVER from Teufelberger retains most of the original design except with an added acccesory called the equaLIZA. The equaLIZA is to be used as an equalizing link if the pulleySAVER is used on two anchorage points.

The climbing rope moves along the TEUFELBERGER pulleySAVER extremely easily on the PINTO pulley while the resilient eye which facilitates the retrieval of the pulleySAVER easily returns into its original position even after a thousand cycles.

The attachment as anchor point on a tree can be implemented in four different configurations, depending on the specific application: as swinging element in a double leg configuration, as choke hitch, wound around in a double leg configuration, or narrowed in a double leg configuration.

Length: 8' (2.5m)



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