Sku : S190411-80

Lock Jack Sport



This revolutionary ascending and descending system is simple to use. Incoming rope falls easily through the device using the weight of the rope itself to take up slack. Climber can use the Lock Jack as a mechanical prusik and easily advance on the rope. Simply pull down on the wooden knob to release the prusik and decend. Device can be installed mid-line and features a swivel carabiner attachment.

The Lockjack can totally replace the friction hitches used on climbing lines. The Lockjack works as both an ascender and as a descender for self-belay in the doubled rope technique (DRT). The advantage of the Lockjack is that friction is applied to the rope with a smooth aluminum surface which causes less friction while climbing for an effortless advance, and a smoother more easily controlled descent.

Works with 7/16” or 1/2” rope with a simple part change of the clutch (both clutch sizes are included.) Use with a small D or Oval carabiner only. A larger carabiner may allow the wooden ball to pass through and become stuck, resulting in free fall.

Tensile Strength
5148 lbs
Product Weight
9.6 oz
Working Load
440 lbs
Maximum Rope Size
11mm - 13 mm