Sku : S190411-70

Haas Velox Ascent System


The HAAS® system allows you to use two ascenders for quick, efficient ascents in a doubled rope system and even faster ascents when utilizing an SRT system.

This new design improves on the already ingenious HAAS® Ascent System by giving you an additional 18" of bungee in the system for a total of 30".


• Double tube system allows 30" of in-line bungee to be contained within the unit for over 30" of elongation
• Versatile ascent system has zero set up and can be used by multiple users without adjustment
• Snap is tied just above the ascender, extracting out up to 30" to eliminate any set up as well as any "dead spots" in the return action
• Designed to maximize friction reduction with a bungee that terminates at the top of the Velox, travels down the channel to the bottom where it wraps around a shiv with stainless steel sealed bearings inside a machined aluminum block
• Bungee returns up a second channel where it is tied to a snap
• Bungee is replaceable in under five minutes with no tools
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