Sku : S190230-

New Tribe Monkey Beaver

Sizing: Small 28"-32"-Medium 33"-35"-Large 36"-40"

This new saddle designed by August Hunicke and Joe Boyd is one of the most comfortable saddles you will own.

Saddle Features:

• Firm, wide waistbelt is contoured from 8" at rear to 3" at front for sturdy, fitted support
• Rope bridge attaches to rigging plates with stopper knots, easy to exchange the bridge
• Forged aluminum bridge ring glides smoothly for every maneuver
• Waist belt and leg loops equipped with buckles for quick and easy opening and closing without the need to readjust them
• Leg loops are expanded with lightweight fabric and webbing that distribute weight for comfort without bulk, and thigh straps keep them in place
• Optional foam pads can be added for even more leg comfort
• Leg loop buckles adjust for ideal weight distribution between the waistbelt and the leg loops
• Rear buckles on leg loops can be adjusted for perfect positioning

Waist Belt Features:

• Three slots for tool holders like Rock Exotica transPorter or Petzl Caritool or carabiner
• Two large aluminum D rings for tool attachment
• One rolled aluminum ring on tether, to carry chainsaw
• One structured webbing gear loop at rear
• Two snap hooks
• Four rings for attaching optional suspenders

Life-safety components:

• Bridge made of Samson ArborMaster 16-strand climbing rope – (6500 lbs MBS)
• 1 ISC aluminum bridge ring -- (25 kN/5620 lbs MBS)
• 3 ISC aluminum Klick-lock buckles -- (16 kN/3697 lbs MBS)
• 2 SMC aluminum rigging plates -- (36 kN/8000 lbs MBS)
• 2 forged steel side D rings -- (23kN/5000 lbs)
• 1 3/4” nylon parachute webbing -- (6000 lbs tensile strength)
• 1” heavy nylon webbing -- (5600 lbs tensile strength)
• 1” tubular nylon webbing -- (4000 lbs tensile strength)