Sku : S190186-00

Teufelberger Crane Sling Kit



This Crane Kit was developed by legendary American arborist, Mark Chisholm especially for Teufelberger. It is a three sling kit consisting of low stretch, lightweight legs that makes crane work safer and faster. Made from Endura Braid line, these slings are perfect for bigger pieces and extreme loads. The low stretch slings are easier and safer to use since there's no bouncing and the climber doesn't have to come down to reset slings, and the lack of hardware means there are no dropped pins. Kit consists of two orange 5/8" 20 foot slings and one blue 5/8" 30 foot sling.

Rated Load:

Vertical: 6,200 lbs

Choker: 4,600 lbs

Basket: 12,500 lbs

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