Sku : R180131-60

Teufelberger Safety Pro 12 1/2" Rope - 600'


Designed for applications where a fixed spliced eye is not necessary, Safety Pro 12's unique construction creates a rope that's easy to knot yet resists flattening and glazing. Add to this excellent knot holding capabilities, and Safety Pro 12 gives you all the confidence you need when working aloft.

Because of Safety Pro's 12 strand braided construction it also makes an excellent light-duty 1/2" lowering line for rigging over crotches. Comparable to Arborplex rope. Sold per 600 ft. reel.

Shipping Calculator
Shipping Weight
55 lbs.
white w/ green & orange fleck
braided polyester over polypropylene core
Teufelberger (New England Rope)
Minimum Breaking Strength
6750 lbs
Working Load
1350 lbs