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Teufelberger 1/2'' Safety Blue Braid -600'
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Teufelberger 1/2'' Safety Blue Braid -600'

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Teufelberger Ropes Braided Safety Blue is the industry standard 16-strand climbing rope. Each strand in Braided Safety Blue is comprised of tightly plied  fibrillated polyolefin fibers. 

This rope has superior knotability, better handling and no "memory". The rope coils nicely and does not kink after it's untied.

The entire rope is coated with a protective finish to enhance abrasion resistance. Blue safety core yarns act as a warning flag should rope become heavily abraded or cut.

Sold per 600 ft. reel.


Shipping Weight
51 lbs.
white w/blue core
braid- polyester and polyolefin
Number of Strands
Teufelberger (New England Rope)
Minimum Breaking Strength
7700 lbs

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