Sku : M130200-05

TRUE Sawback 17" Machete


The TRUE® Sawback Machete offers 2-in-1 versatility with the integration of 17” Golok Parang blade and a 13.5” rip cut saw blade so nothing will stand in your way. The aggressive pull saw design offers clean cuts and the encapsulated full-tang construction is reinforced with dual riveting to unify the blade and handle so you can have confidence in its strength and durability for the heavy-duty tasks ahead of you.

The black oxide finish not only looks great, but it helps improve abrasion and corrosion resistance. The TraxGrip™ textured handle strikes a balance between cushion, durability, and traction in wet conditions.

The included nylon sheath is designed with reinforced lining for puncture resistance, snap retention, and a belt loop for easy carrying. At 1.3 pounds, the Sawback Machete is hefty for tough tasks, yet lightweight so it isn’t a chore to carry, pack or swing.
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