Sku : M130001-00

Tree Check Sonic Wave Decay Detector



Designed by consulting arborist R Bruce Allison, Tree Check Sonic Wave Tree Decay Detector is a breakthrough technology in sonic wave timers that will become an international standard in the pre-climb safety check, tree risk assessment and urban forestry inventories.

Tree Check is designed for arborists and urban foresters as a low cost, simple to use, reliable field tool to detect the likely presence of significant decay, cavity or cracks in standing trees. Used properly it can see inside the tree revealing areas of concealed severe deterioration that undiscovered could result in tree structural failure or resultant property damage or personal injury.

Sonic wave timers use two sensors on opposite sides of the tree trunk to measure an impact induced sound wave's transit time across the trunk. Sound passes more quickly through solid, defect free wood. A larger than expected transit time per foot or per meter can indicate internal hidden defects.

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