Sku : L120125-00

LogOX Hauler


Time to throw away your old pulp hook!

The LogOX Hauler is the new, patented, and ergonomically designed hand tool that has replaced the dangerous pulp hook, while reducing the strain of bending over. This revolutionary design effectively reduces risks to both backs and shins.

It's also the base platform for the LogOX 3-in-1 forestry tool. Adding the LogOX cant handle extension and timberjack T-bar accessories creates a truly force multiplying system.

With the Hauler you can quickly and easily pick up stove length log rounds, and carry them to your woodpile, log splitter or wagon. The cantilevered design allows the log to easily balance by your side as you move, while not obstructing your view of potential tripping hazards that could result in injury.

The LogOX hauler can be used as a convenient short cant hook to roll logs over and finish your chainsaw cut, and is also great for sawmill work!