Sku : H080380-00

Power Climb


The PowerClimb® from Rig Guy is designed to ascend and descend on a single strand of rope (SRT). It can pull a 200 lb. load 200 feet on a single battery charge. The descent option on this system is an added feature, something the more expensive gas units don't offer.

The PowerClimb® is designed with a redundant safety system. The ascender on the top of the SS rod will hold up to 5000 lbs independently of the drive wheels and rope tender. The drive wheels and rope tender will hold the climber aloft without the ascending device. Each can hold a man by itself but they are designed to be used together so that the climber has a doubled safety system.

This device won't replace a bucket truck,  however it can give climbers access to the tallest trees. PowerClimb® comes complete with a carrying case, motor, two 60v batteries and a quick charger. With an inverter in your vehicle you can easily charge batteries through out the workday if needed.