Sku : B020099-33

Rock Exotica Hydra Pulley


The HYDRA provides the functionality of a pulley with a rigplate. The HYDRA's swivel top offers three connection points lined with rubber o-rings to grip carabiners tightly. These connection points were specifically designed for the rockO carabiner to avoid dangerous cross-loading.

The most simple use of the HYDRA pulley is on the rope bridge of the saddle, but it can be used in a variety of advanced ways. The Hydra can be used in ascent systems, lanyard systems, fliplines, or as a redirect. In any configuration, the use of the HYDRA is greatly enhanced by the flexibility to add multiple connections and rotate when needed.
Shipping Weight
2 lbs.
Tensile Strength
28 kn (7295 lbs.)
Product Weight
20 oz.
Minimum Breaking Strength
28 kN (6295 lbs.)
Working Load
5 kN (1124 lbs.)
Maximum Rope Size
2.1 "