Sku : A010400-02

Arborbrace Tree Guying Kit- 5-7"

Arborbrace is the fastest, most cost effective, professional tree guying system to date...Simply install the arrow earth anchors in the ground with a drive rod (sold separately). The Arborbrace system offers a superior replacement for poles, wire and wood stakes, T-Posts, and wire & Garden hose. This system is for supporting larger plantings of 5"-7" trunk diameter.

. Each kit includes:

• (3) High strength nylon arrow earth anchors
• (3) Rust-proof nickel plated tension buckles (1200# break strength)
• (3) 12-ft lengths of UV coated tree-tie polypropylene webbing (approx 900# break strength)
• Tension buckles eliminates the need for turnbuckles
• System comes ready to install
• Blends into the landscape