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#330 Helix Ground Anchor

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Helix anchors are commonly used for securing small planes, vineyard trellises, storage sheds, tents, orchard and nursery trees, swing sets, clothes lines, fences, retaining walls, radio antennas, small windmills, floating docks, and pet restraint.

All eye anchors are manufactured from steel that conforms to ASTM A-36 M1020 standards. Holding strength is based on clay soils which are of hard to medium density. The holding strength is reduced in softer less dense soils and sandy soils. To ensure maximum holding strength, anchor must be installed to full depth with the bottom of eyelet at ground level. Anchor eyelets are always weld closed.


Model No  #330
Holding Power in Normal Soil 1400 lbs
Length  30 inch
Shipping Weight  2.5
Size  3" helix

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