Chainlock Tree Ties


Reusable locking tie quickly installs to support newly transplanted nursery stock to stakes or vines to trellis wire. Available in 1/2" or 1" x 100' or 1/2" x 250' dispenser boxes.


SKU# C030000-01

Designed for staking trees greater than 2" inches in diameter. 100 ft. per caton.

Made of durable, high-density 1 inch polyethylene, ProLock® is stronger than most competitive chain lock products. The product simply pulls through itself and twisted into a locking position.

It's also treated with UV inhibitors to prevent cracking or breaking down due to sun exposure. The carton offers efficient dispensing of just the length needed, saving time and materials.


Shipping Weight :

2.5 lbs.


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Price: $32.75

SKU# C030000-00


Made from 100% recycled post consumer plastic, Master Mark's Chainlock 1/2" in. x 100 ft. Tree Support protects and anchors trees to ensure straight natural growth and prevent root damage from wind and weather. Unique chain link design locks securely for reliable anchoring. Designed for trees 2 In. or more in diameter

Shipping Weight : 3 lbs.
Size : 1/2 x 100'

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Price: $15.00

SKU# C030000-0R20

20 ft pack of 1/2" chainlock tree tie.

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Price: $3.89