Tree Watering Systems

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20 gallon capacity, zippered bags made treated with UV protection. They require no staking and the wide open top makes for quick loading. 

Ideal for newly planted trees and helps prevent water run-off. Compare to TREEgator watering bags.

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The new TREEGATORĀ® Jr.. is the ideal irrigation system for low-branch trees and shrubs. TREEGATORĀ® Jr. utilizes a unique release system to allow a slow, steady drip rate which gives you the ability to irrigate a tree with total water absorption, while using a minimal amount of time and space.

TREEGATORĀ® Jr. is only 6" tall when filled to capacity of approximately 20 gallons, so it fits under almost any tree or shrub. It is designed for trees that are between 1" and 5" caliper and allows for a drip time of 4 to 6 hours.

Shipping Weight : 1 lb.

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The TREEGATOR® allows 20+ gallons of water to be delivered to the roots of the tree without run-off or evaporation. Rate of flow can be controlled from 8 to 32 hours.

Just zip the TREEGATOR® around the tree trunk and fill through the opening at the top. The water trickles from holes that surround the bottom. When empty, unzip and refold, leave it at the tree until the next watering, or zip it around another tree and refill.

Two or three TREEGATORS® can be zipped together for trees 4" caliper or larger.
12 TreeGators per case.

Volume of Water (When Full):  (Approx)
  • 1-Treegator® -  (20-25 gallons)
  • 2-Treegators® - (40-50 gallons)
  • 3-Treegators® - (60-75 gallons)

    Treegator® Recommendations for Planting: 

    • 1- Treegator® -  (1" - 3" caliper tree)
    • 2-Treegators® - (4" - 12" caliper tree)
    • 3- Treegators® - (12"+ caliper tree)

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