Supersonic Air Knife

Use the Supersonic Air Knife air-diggers to remove soil from the root structures of trees and other ornamental plantings. The Supersonic Air Knife's nozzle produces a focused jet of air traveling at MACH 2 speed which pulverizes the soil but leaves the root structures in place. The Air Knife can be used to inspect and remediate the root systems, decompact the soil, and add organics more efficiently.

Other applications include: Radial trenching, root crown excavation, root delineation, root pruning, bare root transplanting, vertical mulching, utility locating, utility installation, ground rod installation, installing irrigation systems, and digging planting and fence post holes.

SKU# A010047-00

The Supersonic Air Knife Model LT is a lightweight air knife tool that can excavate roots, digs shallow trenches, and identify utility-free locations for conventional digging, damage free. This unit is constructed of aluminum and requires a compressor rated at 125 PSI/185 CFM to operate. Unit weighs 5.5 lbs.

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SKU# A010047-01

This is a heavy duty version of the Model LT made to withstand job site abuse with the same attributes as the LT. Constructed of brass and stainless steels this unit weighs 10.2 lbs. and requires an air compressor rated at 125 PSI/185 CFM to operate.

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SKU# A010047-02

A high volume, lightweight tool which requires a larger compressor than the LT and the ST2. It will dig deeper and up to five times faster than the standard tool. This model works well in hard, compacted dirt. Large dirt shield provides operator with more protection from flying debris. Unit weighs 8.7 lbs and is constructed of aluminum. Operates on 125 PSI and 375 CFM.

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