Tree Support Systems

Warning: Before any ground anchor installation determine that the anchor locations will not be close to any underground electrical cables, water lines, or sewer pipes. Failure to determine the location of electrical cables may result in serious injury.

We offer three types of metal tree support systems.

1. The HELIX GROUND ANCHOR is a steel rod with a helix end that installs in the ground much like a woodscrew. Available in five sizes with holding power from 200-4,000 lbs.  Use for anchoring trees, equipment, and even buildings to the ground.

(**Helix Anchor Installation Tips: Dig a hole to a depth of approximately 1/2 the length of the anchor at a slight angle. After the hole is dug turn the anchor into the ground either by hand or by using a rod or length of pipe for leverage. After the anchor is installed, repack the earth six inches at a time and tamp down.**)

2. DUCKBILL anchors, a patented labor and time saving device, work like a toggle bolt in soil. DUCKBILLS are driven into the ground (with no holes, no digging and no concrete), providing a safe and environmentally sensitive installation. An upward pull on the anchor tendon rotates the DUCKBILL into a perpendicular "anchor lock" position in undisturbed soil. The result: superb holding capacities.DUCKBILL anchor systems offer the most effective, lightweight and economical solutions to any anchoring application, large or small.    

3. The TOMAHAWK Tree Stabilization and Fertilization System is a below ground tree stabilization system that is easily installed. It features holes for fertilizing and simplifies deep root watering.


Price: $ 4.68 - $ 5.20


Price: $ 5.63 - $ 6.25


Price: $ 6.67 - $ 7.40


Price: $ 11.34 - $ 12.60


Price: $ 13.10 - $ 14.55


Price: $ 170.95 - $ 189.95


Price: $ 19.95