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Climbing Equipment

Many of the tools required for professional tree climbers have differing features based on the climber's personal preference. This is why we stock such a broad range of saddles, lanyards, carabiners, ascenders, and other tools. We know many professionals who prefer the industry standard items, or "old school" as the younger climbers call it.

We also have vast array of the latest high tech gear to speed up and ease the job of working in a tree. No matter where you fall in the "old school" vs. high tech debate, our selection in these categories will allow you to find just what you need to make your climbing faster, safer, and more efficient.

PMI Ascender
Ascenders and Descenders

Block and Pulleys

Essence Carabiner
Carabiners, Snaps, Connectors

Cougar Saddle
Climbing Saddles

SquirrelMax Climber
Climbing Spikes and Pads

DBI Harness
Fall Protection

Cambium Saver
Friction Savers

CLC Hi-Viz Gear Bag
Gear and Tool Bags


Rope Grabs and Positioners

Teufelberger Arborist Tools

Throw Line Storage

12 oz. Throw Weight & Line
Throw Weights and Lines


Arborist Gear
Arborist Tools
Tree Climbing Equipment
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