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Cabling and Bracing

Mechanical strength and structure of a tree is critical to its survival. In many situations, a tree requires the additional support of cabling and bracing. The need may arise from weak limb attachments, over maturity, storm and wind damage, or a number of other reasons.

We offer a complete range of options for mechanically assisting trees. These include common and extra-high strength cable, deadends, thimbles, "J" and eyelags, all-thread and woodscrew rod, wedge grips, rope, and a sling based non-invasive bracing system and wire stops. Additionally we have all the tools, drills, auger bits, cable cutters, and lag spinners available to ease installation.

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Cabling Supplies
Cable and Supplies

Chainlock Tree Ties
Chainlock Tree Ties (4)


Duckbill Earth Anchors
Duckbill Earth Anchors (10)

Eye Lags
Eye Lags (4)

Eye Nut
Eye Nuts (7)


Galvanized and Zinc Plated Nuts

Helix Ground Anchors
Helix Ground Anchors (5)

J-Lags (7)

Swedish Tree Bracing System
Swedish Tree Bracing System (4)

Thimbles (12)

Threaded Rod
Threaded Rod

Tree Staking Wire (2)

Turnbuckles (5)

Washers (6)

Wire Stop
Wire Stop (5)

Arborist Gear
Arborist Tools
Tree Climbing Equipment
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