Discount Program

Put your TCIA membership to even better use now by taking advantage of our special TCIA Affinity rebate program. We are pleased to be able to offer this special program to members of the Tree Care Industry Association who choose American Arborist to be their choice for top quality supplies.

Here is how it works: American Arborist Supplies will contribute an amount equal to 5% of total products sold to TCIA members. 2.5% will be applied toward the next year’s TCIA renewal dues of those members using the services and 2.5% will be applied toward development of safety and educational programs for the tree care industry. Example: If your company purchases $2,000 in product online, American Arborist Supplies will send TCIA a credit of $50 to be deposited into your membership account. Credits accumulate throughout the 12 months of membership and when you receive your annual renewal statement, the total credits will be subtracted from your membership dues. Thanks to the support of American Arborist Supplies, your company can reduce its annual dues and help offset the costs involved with keeping the industry safe.

What could be easier? Just print this page, fill out the form below, making sure to include your TCIA membership number, mail it to us and get started on the savings today.


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