Throw Line Launchers

SKU# R180119-00

The Big Shot provides a launching mechanism to reach higher or more diffcullt line anchoring points with your throw weight and line. 

Mount on either  an 8 foot fiberglass foot pole or (2) four foot fiberglass poles that are sold separately.

Approximate maximum distance a line thrown from the Big Shot can reach is 150'.

Shipping Weight : 2 lbs.


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Price: $92.99

SKU# R180119-000

Replacement rubber bands for the Big Shot head.

Shipping Weight : 0.50 lbs.

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Price: $36.99

SKU# R180119-002

Combo includes Big Shot head and two 4 ft. fiberglass poles (1 extension pole and 1 base pole with end cap).

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Price: $134.99

SKU# R180119-00T

The Notch Big Shot Trigger improves consistency, improves launching accuracy and line setting. A must-have addition to the Big Shot sling shot.


• Reduces user arm fatigue
• Improves consistency
• Quick mid pole attachment allows custom pole mounting location
• Integrated safety latch prevents accidental deployment
• Fits all 1.25" round utility grade fiberglass poles
• Be sure the main trigger housing is securely closed, tighten tension bolt until both halves join together
Do not pull BS pouch below the trigger position

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Price: $54.99